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All-Inclusive Microsoft 365 Consulting and Solutions

Working with us is easy. Our purpose is simple – to help your business grow. When you partner with us, we’ll become your guide for transformation and growth.

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Microsoft 365

Boost workplace efficiency, productivity, and collaboration, while creating a thriving work environment with the apps and products with Microsoft 365 cloud offerings.

Power Platform Services

Leverage the best low code platform in market to create, automate and analyze all kinds of data optimally through minimal time or effort ​

SharePoint Services​

We can help you maximize your usage of SharePoint be it for Intranet, document management or customize using SharePoint Framework.

Team Apps Development​

Seamlessly integrate apps that your business depends on, including messaging, file sharing, collaborative editing, and more ​

Integration Services​

Easily integrate your custom applications/products with M365 using custom connectors, API integrations and much more... ​

Content Marketing​

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Turn Things Around

Enable Transformation

At BinaryRoots, we believe that there’s always scope for improvement. Processes and outcomes can be consistently bettered through new working styles, processes, technologies, and client services. We will leverage Microsoft technologies to turn your business ideas into a thriving reality.

Become Bigger and Better

Embrace Change

We understand that change is a natural process even in the business world. Whether it is customer needs, market trends, technologies, security threats, or competitors, they’re all constantly evolving across industries. You should too, and that’s what we’re here for. We’ll equip your business with technology that allows your processes, operations, and methods to adapt to the ever-evolving marketplace. In turn, you’ll solidify your position in your industry, while retaining a competitive edge.

No Overlooks, No Loopholes

Prioritize Security

Organisations are always at risk of losing their valuable data to vested interests and criminal threats. Cybersecurity breaches can lead to loss of critical information, identity and financial theft, locked systems, legal and regulatory issues, loopholes in strategy and planning, reputational harm, and generally paralyse your business. To this end, our tech solutions are designed to augment your business processes while upholding security practices, adhering to compliance regulations, and minimizing workflow interruptions.

Never Worry

Provide Dependable Support

Creating high-quality user experiences is no longer an option, but a necessity. We understand that your business and its people will be able to deliver their best only when they can make the most of the technologies they’re using. Failure to do so will make you redundant in today’s competitive marketplace. We’re here to provide you with all the support you need to leverage our solutions and apply them to your business in the most lucrative ways. You can always count on our adaptive approach to deliver quick, responsive day-to-day support.

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