Integrating Microsoft 365 Data into Custom Apps

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Why Integrate with Microsoft 365 Data?

Key Benefits of Integrating with Microsoft 365 Data

Whether you build custom mobile apps, web apps, desktop apps, device-native apps, scheduled processes, or workflow automation, you’ll need a reliable platform to run them seamlessly. This platform should be accommodative of any programming language and method of distribution as well as operation to provide stellar user experiences. Enter Microsoft 365 (M365) data integration.

Create a Win-Win for Yourself

Integrating M365 Data into Custom Apps

If your custom application is built on other technologies, but you want to integrate it with M365 data, we can help. We’ll configure SharePoint REST API or Graph API with authentication and authorization methods, and help you create the API you want to use in your custom apps.
Apps built for M365 allow you to reach millions of users and enable them to work more effectively. To enable this for you, we’ll build conversational bots that will help your teams know about the most relevant features of your app, while walking them through different scenarios, just like a virtual assistant.
We’ll use visual messaging extensions that’ll make it easy for your teams to complete their tasks. You and your employees will be able to send notifications from your app to conversations via webhooks, making it possible to present data in an attractive and actionable manner.

Seamless Integration with Microsoft Technologies and More

A huge number of organizations are already harnessing Microsoft 365 for enhancing their productivity, and simplifying collaboration as well as communication. Users worldwide have been working with this technology to create files, send emails, schedule meetings, store data, and more.
At BinaryRoots, we realize the potential of Microsoft 365 as a highly extensible development platform. We recommend it because it not only offers high functionality, but also bears all the necessary permissions required to facilitate the easy interaction of this platform with your custom applications.

Improve Usability and Efficiency

The Microsoft 365 platform will allow you to drive adoption of M365 apps and the intranet simultaneously. This, in turn, will help you boost efficiency and usability of these apps, even as Microsoft continues to make modifications and rolls out new features.

Arm Your Teams with the Latest Features and Security Updates

When you integrate M365 data into custom apps, you not only gain access to its newest features and security standards, you also get work done via user-friendly productivity solutions. You’ll always remain connected with your teams as well as clients, whether working from an office or remotely, in a secure manner.

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