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Why Teams Apps?

Key Benefits of Teams Apps

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration workspace that integrates with apps and the services people use for working together. Through the Microsoft Teams apps platform, we will integrate your apps and services to boost productivity, enable faster decision-making, improve collaboration around existing content and workflows, among other things.

Our Teams app development services bring about customization through: 

Personal Apps


We’ll help you create dedicated spaces for your project teams, business units, and other groups to facilitate flawless collaboration and communication. Your teams will be equipped with a central space for collaboration with all crucial communication tools in place. Your employees will be able to easily focus on their tasks and view activities related to their specific role. What’s more? You’ll be able to take advantage of the premium security features that come with Team apps.


Tabs Development Using SPFx and Standalone App


We’ll build you a digital environment wherein your teams can collaborate more conveniently. Using the various features of your Teams app, you will be able to display your web-based content in a tab, where members of your workforce can discuss and work on it cohesively.




Discussions and conversations tend to engender the need to take an action, such as creating an order, reviewing codes, and checking ticket status. We’ll deploy bots that help convert words into actions. This means you’ll have bots at your disposal to start these activities from within Teams.


Messaging Extensions


Well-designed Teams apps will make it easier for you and your teams to multitask. Once you have messaging extensions in place, you can promptly share external information in a conversation. You also easily can act on a message. For instance, you can generate help tickets if the content of a channel post necessitates this action.


Meeting Extensions


We realise that meetings can always be made more productive. Wouldn’t it be great if you could ask your employees to take a survey during a meeting or send out a reminder that doesn’t interrupt the meeting proceedings? We can make this happen for you. With Teams app, you will be able to add a meeting extension before and during the course of your meetings. You’ll also be able to include an app for a specific meeting right from the Teams store.


Webhooks and Connectors


You and your teams should be able to communicate with external apps with ease – it’s not asking for too much. Herein lies the importance of webhooks and are an important feature of Teams apps. Incoming webhooks can automatically send notifications from another app to a Teams channel. Further, you can use outgoing webhooks to send messages your web service with a “@mention”.


Utilizing Microsoft Graph for Teams


Using Teams data can be made super easy with the help of Teams app development. Through the Microsoft Graph API for Teams, you can get access to information about teams, channels, users, and messages that can help you create or augment features for your app.

Improve Capabilities

At BinaryRoots, we get that Teams apps is a platform that makes it possible for developers to combine capabilities. What distinguishes Teams apps is the fact that Teams is more of a collaboration hub, which is why the best Teams apps enable users to work better together.

Be Different, Do More

A well-planned design will bring out your app’s distinct features while adjusting with Teams’ features and frameworks. We’ll help you create apps that enable your people to achieve more together.

Deploy All-Encompassing Apps

What makes Teams apps truly amazing is that it engenders collaboration through coordinated and shared tasks among users. It is secure and complies with the applicable privacy regulations. The user interface is simple, attractive, and promotes productivity. The app is also device and screen-agnostic. Moreover, apps built on this platform meet Teams accessibility requirements in terms of navigation structure, color contrast, text features, and more.

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